Most large organizations have business operations in many countries around the world, with each business location producing volumes of data residing in disparate information stores. Most of this information is in an unstructured format, making it challenging from an information management perspective. However, corporate decision makers need quick and easy access to this collective knowledge from around the organization.

To make this possible, Enterprises migrate data from the various stores, into a Data warehouse or Big Data stores. Data is sometimes further migrated into subject specific Data Marts for quicker and simplified access. Business Intelligence tools then analyze the migrated data and provide actionable information to corporate executives, business managers and end users enabling them in decision making.

Logos GlobalTech’s Analytics practice spans a wide range of technology and tools that include Hadoop, Cloudera, MongoDb for Big Data Stores, Teradata for Data warehousing, Yellowfin, Clear Analytics, Oracle BI & MicroStrategy for BI Analysis and Informatica for ETL. Our Analytics specialists come with a holistic approach to design and configure business analytics solutions that align with your organization’s goals. Our solutions enable you to discover critical hidden patterns and trends in your company data and business processes, empowering you to make informed decisions.