Agile and DevOps

Logos GlobalTech’s Agile & DevOps services supports our clients achieve adaptability and agility in their Software Development process. We are driven by our full-stack capabilities & Quality Development practices which guide us in implementing an Enterprise level transformation on all aspects of an operating model. We have our own framework which is used to help our customers for Agile & DevOps solutions.

Our optimized & intelligent Agile-DevOps practices with the right processes, tools & resources ensures our clients vision to reality through seamless effort. DevOps is a set of software development practices that focuses in blending software development and processes. Our DevOps process is recognized for its Automation, Monitoring, enhanced quality in all stages of Software Development, QA, and Implementation & Management.

Our DevOps team collaborates with other Software developers, applications developers, analysts & other members to manage the software builds and releases. Our DevOps team is highly skilled in modern tools & applications like GIT, Docker, BitBucket, Jenkins, Puppet, Nagios, etc. The ultimate goal is to have the development team and the operations team to work in parallel which prevents conflicts between the projects & operational integration in turn reducing the unnecessary cost & time. 

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Benefits of Leveraging Agile & DevOps in Environment:

Our Agile & DevOps Services helps our clients to overcome communication barriers between the different teams in their organization. This helps them develop a better software product with greater efficiency and gives them a competitive edge in the market. Our Agile and DevOps model ensures our clients time and investment are valued.

  • 70% lesser failures

  • Restoring Services has been quicker

  • 3x times increased productivity & profits

  • 3x times increased productivity & profits

Our Agile and DevOps Tools & applications ensures efficiency, consistency and quality in managing projects with reduced risk and increased ROI. Our Industry class standards and veteran professionals will identify the key issues and provide innovative solutions. 

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