One step closer to our Customers

With rapid digital transformations happening with organizations worldwide, faster and more iterative approach of implementation and delivery are becoming more imminent. Producing quality products and services has never been more crucial to the success of any business, than in this fast paced environment, where businesses are looking to get that competitive edge and get one step closer to their customers.

At Logos GlobalTech, we have qualified Test Engineers who understand the various dimensions of software quality and will work with you through the different stages of the testing cycle to produce software that meets business requirements and exceeds customer expectations.

Our testing services are comprehensive and detailed as below:

Automated Functional Testing
Automated testing provides the ability for any business to quickly and efficiently react to frequently changing software systems. Automating the testing process gives the QA team the freedom to do regression testing and pay more attention to newer system features without overlooking the old, in an efficient and cost effective way. Our test engineers use automated testing tools and frameworks including Selenium to provide robust testing solutions to our customers. Our initiatives, policies and procedures have evolved through a consultative process with a high degree of employee involvement. This has helped us create a non-hierarchical, flexible and informal work environment.
Performance Testing
With more sophisticated infrastructure and technology, system performance expectations are very high. Undetected performance issues can lead to massive disruptions to the business. Our engineers are trained to effectively identify and expose performance bottlenecks, potentially avoiding expensive system shutdowns. Our QA engineers are skilled at Performance and Load testing software tools like Apache JMeter & HP LoadRunner, LoadUI, Rational Performance Tester and CloudTest to create and execute their Load tests.

Security Testing
With ever growing hackers in the world, there is a greater need for software systems that can be trusted and are highly secure. Our QA engineers have a strong understanding of software security principles and standards, and using security tools including Burp Suite and OWASP ZAP, they ensure that your application is safe and free of all vulnerabilities, while maintaining its integrity and confidentiality.

A/B Testing
At Logos, we understand the impact that A/B testing can have on the success of any online business, by not only removing guesswork from website optimizations, but also guaranteeing positive results. Using A/B Testing tools like Unbounce, Google Analytics Experiment, Maxymiser & A/Bingo, our QA team can ensure that your website is rightly setup to improve results and increase profits through your content marketing campaigns.
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