Cyber Security

Logos GlobalTech Cyber Security Services helps IT industries & top IT Organizations to shield their information infrastructure and critical data from current industries increasing IT security risks.

Data theft, Security Breaches, Malware & Spyware attacks, Online Frauds/Scammers and Phishing attacks such as a ransom ware can totally disrupt your organization, shut down operations, increases your recovery costs and most probably can lead you to regulatory or compliance penalties.

Our Cyber Security consultants and Experts analyze your environment & will fill up your organization with the required Security Software, Hardware and other solutions to safe-guard your data or software assets from a wide range of Security threats.

Cyber based threats & attacks possible emerge from any source or platform in your organization & may impact your crucial business services or functions. Our Cyber Response team makes sure that your data is completely shielded from threats & adequate security measures are taken at every level. This also includes storing your confidential data in a tightly secure datacentre Servers with state-of-the-art physical & digital security counter-measures around-the-clock.

Cyber Attacks can happen due to various loopholes in the system. A few possible causes for security breach could arise from:

  • Lack for Hardware level Firewalls or IPS devices.

  • Easy Accessible Local Area Networks.

  • Poor Password Standards.

  • Computer or Servers with no Security updates.

  • Inadequate Email Security Standard.

  • In-secure data in computers or Network Storage devices.

  • Outdated Encryption or Security Certificates.

Logos GlobalTech has solutions to all types of Security threats & we can then shield your confidential information with top-notch security policies by establishing a organization wide secure System. Our Cyber Security Services can be categorized as follows:

Cyber Security Consulting Services
Logos GlobalTech offers wide range of solutions for your business. Our Cyber Security professionals will help your organization identify the perfect Software & hardware devices to stay secure from cyber-attacks. We have partnerships with IT industries high end service providers to provide solutions that meet all your security needs for long term.
Cyber Security Risk Analysis
Logos GlobalTech's Cyber Security Consultants helps our clients understand the cyber threats in the industry and design a solution accordingly. Our team of experts rigorously test the existing networks to identify vulnerabilities & imminent threats. After a thorough analysis, we provide them the right solution. Our Risk Analysis includes:

Potential Threats & vulnerable software’s


Outdated Security Devices


Application Security and Compliance


Data Access in Enterprise level


Data Backup Process and Recovery


Incident Management, Response & Reporting


Security Governance program


Adherence to Data Confidentiality


Change Management & Configuration Management

Software Security Services
Logos GlobalTech ensures the highest levels of cyber security protection is deployed for our customers that protects them from malware, hackers, viruses, spywares and malicious threats. Choosing the perfect security software can be tricky and requires highly skilled professionals in providing organizational protection and security. We can provide a complete suite of security services that safe guards your software assets and critical data.
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