Cloud Computing

Always a step ahead in implementing latest technologies

Logos GlobalTech is always a step ahead in implementing latest technologies. Cloud Computing is recently gaining attention & popularity in the IT Industry. We work with industry leading cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The greatest benefit to migrate to a Cloud Service starts with a significant increase in data storage capability that eventually scales up as the business needs rises.

Cloud is the way businesses connect & manage their data in today’s world. The most common challenges in businesses these days data management & collaboration. Adapting to Cloud Computing will help your business to stay in this competitive market & overcome challenges. The Cloud environment also eliminates the need for multiple physical servers in-house or at a data centre & also gives you a faster ROI.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive cloud platform that offers reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud computing infrastructure services with database storage, content delivery and specialized support for sophisticated application development & APIs.

  • Application Database Storage

  • Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Migration Services

  • Data Analytics

  • API Gateways

  • Mobile Application Development

Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Windows Azure is flexible cloud computing platform that enables users in building, deploying and managing smart applications throughout the internet by Microsoft managed Data-Centres. Azure can be used to develop custom applications using a wide range of programming languages, frameworks & tools. It also supports integration with legacy applications in any environment.

Logos GlobalTech provides a wide range of Azure cloud computing services, as well as custom development solutions in the Azure Cloud Platform.

  • Azure Development & Integration

  • Azure Consulting Services

  • Azure Deployment & Management

  • Azure Data Security

  • Azure Cognitive Services

  • Azure Data Lake Analytics

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