Enterprise Application Solution

With our ERP services, your organization will realize collaboration benefits from data centralization and remote access business operation, and enable your enterprise vision with a firm foundation for future IT system globalization. The Logos GlobalTech ERP solution is closely aligned with our Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution, which is highly effective in improving forecasting and reducing costs as a result.

Cost-Effective IT Consolidation
Our team will show you how to consolidate your IT operations into a single enterprise-wide system creating cross-functional efficiency and seamless internal communication with enterprise resource planning (ERP) services from Logos GlobalTech. Today’s competitive business environment demands immediate access to real-time enterprise information for daily operations and strategic decision-making. Our expert software consulting, customization and ongoing support ensures a cost-effective ERP implementation that will boost your enterprise effectiveness—and transform the way you do business.
Improved Resource Utilization
Logos GlobalTech consultants know your industry and have extensive experience implementing ERP solutions for companies similar to yours. We can help you structure your business processes, set up systems, organize supplies, and manage your inventory in order to give you the most efficient use of your production resources. This means, for example, minimizing your equipment reconfiguration and downtime when switching between production modes. And making sure you have the necessary information to determine whether a build-, subcontract-, or buy-solution is best to address a specific business challenge.
To improve efficiency

Better Demand Planning While
Reducing Waste


To improve your order fulfilment and on-time shipping rates, we help you achieve more efficient demand planning through better alignment with your production capabilities. With a Logos GlobalTech ERP solution, you can see if you have the right stock to fulfil an order and determine if you need to pull inventory from different warehouses or adjust your production plan.


An ERP solution reduces waste and eliminates unnecessary process steps. We will help you implement a system that allows you to set standards for the time and cost associated with your various process steps. The system will then monitor performance to determine any deviations from your set standards, thus enabling appropriate intervention to improve efficiency.


Industry-Leading ERP Integration Services Provider

We will help your organization implement and integrate ERP solutions with your existing legacy systems and custom software, leveraging the expertise gained through hundreds of global rollouts with major ERP solutions from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and others. Services include strategic assessments, implementations, upgrades and enhancements, with “software as a service” options to drastically cut the cost of using ERP software.

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